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Trixie Mattel Is Serving Disco Barbie In New Club-Ready Music Video

Trixie Mattel Is Serving Disco Barbie In New Club-Ready Music Video

Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel dropped a new version of RuPaul’s song “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous.”


Come on, Trixie, let’s go party!

Best known for putting out albums of folk, country, and Americana music, Trixie Mattel has gone full club banger with a new version of “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous” – a song originally performed by RuPaul.

The music features Trixie DJ-ing at a party and dancing with sexy dancers on the stage. Unlike her previous work, it doesn’t seem like “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous” will be featured in an upcoming Trixie album. Instead, Trixie announced that “all net revenue collected from the music video for the month of June will be donated to the Drag Isn’t Dangerous Fund.”

Watch Trixie’s brand-new music video below.

Best known for appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race season seven and winning All Stars 3, Trixie has released four EPs and albums over the years: 2017’s Two Birds, 2018’s One Stone, 2020’s Barbara, and 2022’s The Blonde & Pink Albums.

While releasing a dance track is quite a departure for her as a musician, who knows? Maybe Trixie is soft-launching an era that could be more club-ready and disco-inspired, perhaps.

One way or another, it’s clear that Trixie is doing everything in her power to support the fight against the anti-drag and anti-trans bills being pushed by conservatives at the moment.

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