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Aly & AJ Talk New Record With Love From & Upcoming Tour

Aly & AJ Talk New Record 'With Love From' & Upcoming Tour

Aly & AJ
Stephen Ringer

The sisters are getting more personal than ever in a new interview with PRIDE.


Like whoa... Aly & AJ are back!

Out March 15, the duo will drop their forthcoming album With Love From. The new record is a mature and dark exploration as the sisters grow older in the spotlight.

"It's been a long time! We've been a band for 20 years now. It's really good to be back doing music consistently and being able to be out on the road. To have a substantial fanbase surrounding us throughout the years is amazing. Last year, we played the most shows we've played in a really long time, so we definitely feel like we're fully back in the swing," the duo tells PRIDE.

Ever since the sisters signed with Hollywood Records as kids back in 2004, Aly & AJ have built a dedicated fanbase that still blasts "Potential Breakup Song" and "Like Whoa" to this day.

"It's cool to see that there's even new fans that have discovered us as a band because of the resurgence of 'Potential Breakup Song.' Sixteen-year-old girls that weren't even around when that song was out are now listening to it. AJ and I are just excited to be making new music again and we're not going anywhere. We're back," Aly says.

With a ton of raw songs making up the deeply personal new record, Aly & AJ are hoping their heartfelt lyrics will resonate with their fans.

"Think of night under the stars, desert vibes, late night. There's a little country and a little rock," AJ says.

"This album was made so quickly after A Touch of the Beat. Our creative juices were really flowing," Aly says. "These two records really go well together. They're like a sister companion, like us!"

Although some fans may have been around since the duo's Disney days, don't expect a ton of throwbacks on their setlist when you see them live.

"In terms of live, 'Potential Breakup Song' is a song we'll always keep around. We're just going to reformulate it and keep it fresh. 'Like Whoa' is a tricky one. It's just hard to integrate that song in the current music, but we appreciate the love," AJ says.

With Love From drops March 15 and you can check out tour dates on their website.

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