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Coffee Commercial About Queer Teens Is the Best Way to Start the Day

Rachel Kiley

Will we ever get tired of commercials being openly inclusive of the LGBTQ community? Probably not. Gone are the days when the best we got was a wink and a nod from Subaru — now queer people get to be out and proud for a full 30 seconds of advertising time, no matter how much homophobes may hate it.

The latest addition to the queer advertising canon is a spot from the Belgium branch of the coffee brand Douwe Egberts.



The commercial shows a young girl making out on her couch with a hooded figure. They see her dad pull up outside and dart up the stairs to her room, but not before he catches a glimpse and looks after them in concern. Dad texts his daughter a series of coffee emojis, and she and her mystery make-out buddy nervously head back down to the kitchen.

And, of course, they’re both girls.

Dad is all smiles as he hands them both some instant coffee he just made and they sit around the kitchen table so he can get to know his teen’s new gal pal.

It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s less incestuous than some coffee commercials, and it’s enough to have people on Twitter up in tears.

Instant coffee for instant acceptance. You gotta love it!

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