Watch: Is This What a Bisexual Looks Like?

Watch: Is This What a Bisexual Looks Like?
Sunnivie Brydum

SheWired reader and LGBT vlogger, photographer, and videographer Mrs. Sarkazz brought our attention to this excellent video op-ed, where the prolific lady breaks down the problem with identity politics and living by the labels others impose on us. On the latest episode of her YouTube series That Gay Shit!, Sarkazz advocates living your truth and being authentic, despite the societal pressure to conform.

"I didn't know bisexuality had a look," says Sarkazz. "I mean, the last time I checked, if you're bisexual, it means you like men and women."

Sarkazz challenges the idea that bisexual people only look a certain way, and the assumption that masculine women are inherently not attracted to men, by nature of their studliness. Sarkazz's message is accessible while still being complex and nuanced, and we give her serious props for telling it like it is. 

Watch the video below.


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