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10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into

10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into

10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into

We've all been there...

Let's be real. Every couple fights. It's definitely not rainbows and glitter every day. The good news is that where there are fights there is also make-up sex. Check out eight fights every lesbian/bisexual couple have!


1. Celebrity Crushes and Ships 

Whether you are on team Piper and Alex or Piper and Larry. Ships are absolutely not to be messed with and if you don't both agree on who should be with who on your favorite show, a fight is inevitable.


2. Money!

 Being told, or telling someone to cool it on spending is a touchy subject for any couple. 


3. When to U-Haul

When you should actually move in together. Yes, female couples are stereotyped as bringing a U-Haul on the second date. If you make it past the that date without moving in and you aren't on the same page about timing when to move in together can quickly turn into a blowout fight. 


4. Being introduced as her "roommate" at work events.

If your girlfriend/partner isn't completely out of the closet yet, this can often lead to a few arguments along the way. Although being supportive of her feelings is important, it sucks to feel as though you don't exist. This is a tough one. 


5. The Bathroom 

Who gets first use of the bathroom and the blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, brush, comb, and every other hair tool in your house? Getting ready in the morning is hard enough without having an all out fight about which one of you gets first dibs. 


6. The Cat 

Who takes care of the stray kitty you now love and adore? Surely your girlfriend can take care of the litter box ... maybe you'll get to it next week.


7. Clothes

Whether it be that favorite t-shirt you both share or the sweats that feel like they are made for your body. We all fight about who can wear what when. 


8. Sex 

Sex. Sex may be the end reward for resolving a fight but it also causes plenty of them. Where? When? And how often and who does what, are always hot buttons...literally and figuratively!


9. Kids 

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This is a super tricky subject for some, and one you'll get into before long if either you or your partner has a incredibly active biological clock that needs attention. 


10. Fighting About Fighting 

That fight that will continue for days or weeks to come. If you hit a hot button, be prepared to sleep on the couch for weeks until your girl has truly cooled off. You're in luck though ... once she has cooled off it is time for make-up sex!

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