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7 Films You'll Regret Not Seeing at LESFF This Year

7 Films You'll Regret Not Seeing at LESFF This Year

7 Films You'll Regret Not Seeing at LESFF This Year

The Lower East Side Film Festival is a must-see this summer.


The Lower East Side Film Festival (LESFF) is getting ready to kick-off June 9, running a full schedule of independent films, short films, neighborhood events, industry panels and more. And there's no shortage of LGBTQ representation this year!

Here's our list of the top 7 LGBTQ-themed films from this year's upcoming LESFF. You don't want to miss these, trust us.

1. Pronouns

"A teenager from the South Side of Chicago decide to reveal their true identity during a spoken word performance, only to interrupted by an uninvited guest."


2. Love is a Lonely Dancer

"A mix of anonymous dance, angular architecture, and VFX mutations, all delivered in beautifully textured black and white cinematography, Alan Masferrer’s Love Is A Lonely Dancer brings London duo Antony & Cleopatra’s dance track to delightful surrealist life."

Love is a Lonely Dancer

3. Collect My Love

"New York City club-pop duo the Knocks keep the momentum going with this video for their disco gem featuring Alex Newell."

Collect My Love

4. The Honeys and the Bears

"Members of the Harlem Honeys and Bears, a synchronized swim team for seniors, describe the freedom of the water."

The Honeys and the Bears

5. The Rainbow Kid

"The Rainbow Kid is a gritty coming of age story that follows Eugene, a teenager with Down syndrome, on the journey of his life."

6. Superior

"A stranger passing through town sparks a teenage girl’s desire to distinguish herself from her identical twin sister. As one sister struggles to break free, the other insists on preserving their distinctive bond."


7. Bad at Dancing

"A perpetually awkward third wheel, Joanna inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The mismatched threesome becomes increasingly contentious as the characters vie for control. With darkly comedic tones, Bad at Dancing examines the leader-follower dynamic of the two friends – their jealous rivalry plays out in the film's surreal world of singing, dancing, and sex."

Bad At Dancing

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