This Cover of Dear Evan Hansen's 'You Will Be Found' Is a Touching Pulse Tribute

Brendan Haley

It's been a little over a year since the world watched as the tragic events that occured at Pulse nightclub in central Orlando happened. Today, we remember those who we lost and those who survived to stand with us, striving to make the world better in the aftermath.

In a touching tribute video, four talented singers joined forces to perform a cover of "You Will Be Found" (from the recent Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen) to honor the memory of Pulse.

"One year later, we sing for Pulse," said Michael Korte, the YouTuber who posted the cover, in the description of the video. "We sing for Orlando. We sing for you. We sing as one. We will not be silenced."

Watch "You Will Be Found" below.


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