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Someone Added Lisa Kudrow to Ariana's '7 Rings' and We're Screaming

Rachel Kiley

What do you get when you put two iconic women from vastly different stratospheres together?

Well, a remix of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” in this case.

This is a blessed item, it will make your skin clear and your crops flourish. Watch it, revere it:



“#thankunext had no guest features” @arianagrande @lisakudrow

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Look, as much as we all love Ari, everyone knows there’s no one better to say “I got it” over and over again than The Comeback’s Valerie Cherish.

Snatched from the first season of the faux docu-show, the repeated line comes after Lisa Kudrow’s character is asked to announce that she got the part in a new sitcom. She has to keep trying to get the inflection the producers want, and finally, as at the end of this Insta vid, just sounds like a crazy person.

And even though Val’s “I got it” isn’t referencing hair or diamonds, it still integrates seamlessly into Ari’s bop.

We can only hope this leads to a full collab and remake of the actual “7 Rings” video. Honestly, the gays deserve this.

Okay. Now watch it again. You know you want to.



“#thankunext had no guest features” @arianagrande @lisakudrow

A post shared by David Levitz (@dnlevitz) on

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