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Ricky Martin Shares Sexy Teaser for New Single From Play EP

Ricky Martin Shares Sexy Teaser for New Single From 'Play' EP

Ricky Martin Shares Sexy Teaser for New Single From 'Play' EP

Ricky’s comeback is here!


Ricky Martin is ready to Play.

On Monday, June 27, Martin shared a sexy photo teasing the next single from his upcoming EP, Play. The EP still doesn’t have a release date, but it will serve as the sequel to 2020’s Pausa.

The Puerto Rican superstar wrote on Instagram:

“In this photo, a little tease of what the video of my next single is going feel like. It was a really long day, but everything flows amazingly well when surrounded by the right group of people. Nothing but love and light throughout the day. The energy felt strong. (…) Get ready for #PLAY.”

It is still unclear what the song will be called, but judging by this picture, Martin is about to show quite a lot of skin in this new music video.

The popstar has released three singles from Play thus far. He first put out “Qué Rico Fuera” and “Otra Noche en L.A.” Then, most recently, Martin dropped the romantic ballad “A Veces Bien Y A Veces Mal,” which was a collaboration with Reik.

Over the span of his long career, Martin was always an artist who focused on albums. In recent years, though, he has been adapting with the times and focusing more on promoting standalone singles. Pausa and Play are the first two EPs in Martin’s entire career.

With such a sexy picture serving as the teaser for his newest single, fans are looking forward to seeing what’s next for this Puerto Rican heartthrob.

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