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The 10 Stages of Anal Sex (As Told by Cartoons)

The 10 Stages of Anal Sex (As Told by Cartoons)

The 10 Stages of Anal Sex (As Told by Cartoons)

Sex is great—no ifs, ands, or butts about it.


There's a whole lot that goes into having good anal sex (seriously, it's a real art form). Sometimes it's more of an Olympic sport rather than an act of sensuality or passion between two consenting adults. That being said, we've put together a compilation of GIFs that we believe accurately represent the tops and bottoms of your thorough exploration into the final frontier, where no doubt many men have gone before...

1. Preparation

Tonight is the night, and you've got to get ready to either give something or receive something.

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="225" width="480"]

2. Extreme Thirst

You both start making out on the kitchen counter top, or aggressively pushing each other onto the bed while ravenously ripping off each other's clothes in successive fits of passion.

3. Assuming Positions

No time to waste, you lil' bottom queen or top god. You've been denied this magic all day. Bottoms up, dicks out.

4. A Hole New World

It's in. It’s great! Or is it? Yes it is. You’re seeing god, Mama Ru, and the Holy Spirit.

5. Agony

You and your partner run into complications. Somebody's thrusted too hard in the wrong place. Now your top is having trouble getting it up again. Your bottom is annoyed and in pain.

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="313" width="480"]

6. Redemption

Your little incident turns back into passion. You're back at it. Both of you moving as one, and you're loving it again!

7. Faltering

And once again, something's gone wrong. Did your partner finish? Did you lose your confidence? It all seems utterly hopeless.

8. Finish Him

A rush of adrenaline, or hormones, or divine intervention, you're back up and running. This time you both are headed to the finish line. RUN BISH RUN!

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="270" width="480"]

9. The Grand Finale

After much yelling and sweating, it's over. You both are exhausted and barely realize where you fall asleep.

10. The Aftermath

You wake up the next morning feeling great and confident, even if your legs wobble a little as you walk from the office to Starbucks in the hopes of regaining your strength. After all, you've got to get ready for round two tonight. Don't forget to heal yourself.

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="480" width="480"]

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