Want To Succeed As A Sportscaster? Be A Lesbian

Want To Succeed As A Sportscaster? Be A Lesbian

British television personality Clare Balding said that being a lesbian has helped her career as a sports commentator, in part because most assume she would not be distracted by attractive male athletes. 

Balding answered questions from fans on Mumsnet, a website and forum for parents, Pink News reports. One reader asked, whether Balding feels pressure to "meet certain standards as a woman and a lesbian, which your male peers -- straight or not -- simply don’t have to" meet. 
She said that while she doesn't think being a woman or a lesbian made her a better sportscaster, but she replied, “I never feel it’s a burden and sometimes I wonder if it helps. I have never been a flirt so it’s not as if I would get giggly in an interview but I guess I benefit from not having anyone think that I’m commenting about a male tennis player or rugby player for any other reason than their talent on the field of play.”
Balding was promoting her book, My Animals and Other Family, a memoir of her peculiar childhood. 
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