Lesbian Air Force Vet Among Those Cycling Cross Country to Raise Money and Awareness for Vets

Lesbian Air Force Vet Among Those Cycling Cross Country  to Raise Money and Awareness for Vets
Tracy E. Gilchrist

On July 15, five military veterans set out on The Long Road Home Project, a 90-day, 4,200-mile cross-country cycling journey from Ocean Shores, WA to their destination in Washington D.C. on October 14, to raise money and awareness for vets “in need of services in the long road to transitioning back to civilian life,” according to a release. Among the cyclists is 27-year-old Marie B., who goes by the name of Marty, who was able to come out openly about being a lesbian following DADT’s repeal.

For six years Marty served in the Air Force. She recently returned from Afghanistan where she served as a logistics advisor, and she’s retrained her sights on riding across the country to “highlight the diversity of people serving in the U.S. military, especially the LGBTQ community” and to shed light on issues LGBTQ people face while serving their country.

In a video about her decision to ride across the country raising awareness Marty says, “After 10 years of being gay and being in the military I need to be more okay with being me.”

Marty adds, “I found that the hardest part about being gay and in the military is just having someone tell you that that’s all you are, and I’m a lot more than just that.”

The Long Road Home Project was by Casey Miller, a civilian who wanted to find a way to help vets with their transitions home.

Casey Miller and Marty

The other vets riding in The Long Road Home Project are Steve Taylor, 59, U.S. Air Force Ret; Glenn Isaac Fretz, 41, U.S. Army Ret; Ryan Creel, 31, SSG U.S. Army Ret; and Colleen Bushnell, 39, U.S. Air Force Ret.

Watch Marty’s video below.

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