5 Reasons Lesbians Love Superbowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of America's favorite holidays: competition, commercials and cocktails, what more could you want?  But here's a few reasons why the ladies who love ladies can't get enough of the gridiron glory.

5.  It's a one and done affair
Let's face it, lesbians are nesters.  "Want to go to the movies?"  "But there's so much on Demand..." "Try that new club?"  "Why yes, as long as you're talking about a sandwich." Those World Series battles and March Madness tournaments are a social calendar commitment that we are not prepared to make.  But one football game a year?  Pass the bean dip.


4. The Prop Bets
I'm not one to throw down big money at the tables in Vegas, but dollar bets about the length of the National Anthem?  I'm in.  Not to mention, these little Game Day wagers are a great way to show up your lesbros.


3.  The Legends Football League
Maybe there is something anti-feminist about a bunch of hot girls in lingerie playing full-contact football, but the LFL (formerly the Lingerie Football League) underwent some positive rebranding last year.  Many of the team logos lost their images of sexy women, and the league's tagline was changed from "True Fantasy Football" to "Women of the Gridiron."  The ladies' attire was also changed from "lingerie" to "performance apparel," but admittedly, we don't notice much of a difference.


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