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WATCH: Dopplegangers Ilana Glazer & Alia Shawkat Hook Up (A Lot) On This Week's Broad City

WATCH: Dopplegangers Ilana Glazer and Alia Shawkat Hook Up (A Lot) On This Week's Broad City

WATCH: Dopplegangers Ilana Glazer and Alia Shawkat Hook Up (A Lot) On This Week's Broad City

This show literally doesn't stop getting better and better every week.


We absolutely have to talk about last night's Broad City. And if you're not watching Broad City, you absolutely have to start right now, because you're missing one of television's crowning achievements in comedy at the moment. Essentially, the show is about two women - Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who created the series that originally started as a webseries - who are just a'livin' their lives as twenty-something stoners in New York City. It's not the most intense premise, but something about the specific, generational comedic genius of these two ladies makes it the best thing about Wednesdays. It's also produced by Amy Poehler so clearly we're right about it being awesome. And then this week, something even awesome-r happened.

It's been known pretty much from the get-go that Ilana doesn't specifically label her sexuality. While she hooks up nearly exclusively on the show with one man, she often talks about her crushes and sexual experiences with women (not to mention her attachment to Abbi is a little more than entirely friendly). This isn't just a passing joke either. Ilana is not a heterosexual character, and that's clear. This week, it became even more clear when Ilana met her soul mate in Adele, played by her real-life look a-like Alia Shawkat, who you may know as Maeby from Arrested Development/several indie films/always hanging out with Ellen Page. This plot-line apparently originated from the amount these girls get recognized as each other in real life, and it's easy to see why. The two kiss before even learning each other's names and their attraction to each other only grows, so much so that Ilana brings Abbi to meet the potential love of her life. Abbi (who has spent much of this episode getting high with Kelly Ripa, because of course) immediately notices the resemblance and points it out to Ilana. 

From then on, Ilana can't quite shake the shadow of herself off the relationship. Adele acknowledges that she totally knew they look alike and that was a turn-on for her (after all, both of these girls masturbate in a mirror and - as we learn quite visually - have the same g-spot), but Ilana just can't go through with the relationship any longer, since something she prides herself in is hooking up with all different types of people. We can't say we're not a smidge disappointed this connection won't last a TV lifetime, but we are extremely thankful for what transpired last night. Here's a glimpse of the magic, and here's hoping you make the choice to make Broad City a very important part of your life.

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