This Stand-Up Comic Just Hilariously Came Out to His Parents on National TV

Taylor Henderson

23-year-old, stand-up comic Jaboukie Young-White rose to fame on Twitter, but now he’s bringing his sense of humor to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and a national audience.

About halfway through his hilarious five-and-a-half minute set on last night’s show, Young-White shared some dating stories.

"I can be kind of an awkward flirt sometimes," he begins. "I can have a hard time flirting just because people don’t always read me as queer when they first meet me. I’ve been told I can come across as 'masc,' and, um, if you don’t know what that means, it’s basically just gay for [quirky girl laugh], 'Ahem, I’m not like other girls.'"

He continues in the the quirky girl voice, "It’s, like, a little weird, but I actually really like whiskey."

Young-White goes on to joke about hooking up with Uber drivers, the sliding scale of hotness from city to city ("A Chicago hot is a New York cute, and a New York cute is an L.A. shunned."), and why secretly putting Sprite in a water cup is a radical act in Trump’s America, all to an avalanche of laughs from the audience.

But what viewers didn’t know was that Young-White hasn’t talked to his family about his sexuality, and the comedian tweeted this after the segment aired:

That’s definitely one way to start the conversation.

Watch Jaboukie Young-White's hysterical stand-up set in the video below.

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