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8 Ways to Solve Hollywood's Naked Woman Movie Poster Problem

Preston Max Allen

To many, there won't seem to be anything particularly wrong with the poster for the new James Bond movie Spectre. See? It's perfectly harmless:

Just a man covered head-to-toe (we can probably assume these aren't capris) in what looks like an outfit straight from the Gap, holding a gun and sporting some sexy piercing blue eyes. Nothing to see here, folks (except damn, does Daniel Craig have some sexy piercing blue eyes). Really, this is subtle, classy, and generally uneventful. So what's the problem? Well, this poster is the latest in a series that includes gems like this:

And this:

And this particular winner:

In fact, it seems like a genuine struggle for a James Bond poster to involve a clothed woman. "Well, it's called "James Bond." Can you blame them for featuring the main dude?" Well, maybe not, and it seems they've had a change of heart in the last few years. Instead of featuring any women at all, mostly these posters have just been James holding a weapon and looking somewhat concerned. Of course, Quantum of Solace did manage a clothed woman on the poster. Behold this rare moment: 

Notice how concerned these two are together. Notice how clothed. Notice how this basically never happened before or again on a James Bond poster. You could argue Halle Berry was clothed on the Die Another Day poster, but her body is also 80% Pierce Brosnan. 

Well, at least she got her own gun. Has James Bond ever been a beacon of feminism? Not exactly, but we're confident the solution isn't eliminating women from their marketing campaigns entirely. Of course, James Bond isn't the only culprit of oversexualizing women to sell some seats. However, we want the standards raised and demand more from this apparently unkillable franchise, and so we've compiled 10 tips n' tricks to live your best movie poster life. Take note, Bond!


8. Maybe don't sexualize your poster so intensely that it needs to have an alternative censored version, like this promo image from American remake of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

Yes, Lisbeth is a powerful, intelligent, and strong character who is comfortable in her own skin. But hey, at least in that case free the nipple and don't even bother with the censored version! And why does Daniel Craig get to stand behind her all broody and protective? He has a great chest too! Free all the nipples!



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