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‘Arrested Development’ NEW Movie & TV = More of Portia as Lindsay Bluth?

 ‘Arrested Development’ NEW Movie & TV = More of Portia as Lindsay Bluth?

Official plans are underway to revive Arrested Development with a new limited season & long awaited film!

Unless you are one of those really arty people who don’t watch TV chances are that you or someone you love is obsessed with Mitch Hurwitz’s cult series, Arrested Development.

At a cast reunion at the New Yorker Festival, creator Hurwitz announced officially there are plans to revive Arrested Development with an all-new "limited" season on TV, catching up with each member of the Bluth family, and preparing us for the long awaited film!

All of the main cast are said to be returning, including Portia De Rossi, David Cross, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Tony Hale, and Alia Shawkat.

At the New Yorker Festival, Hurwitz took the opportunity to clear the air around persisting rumors that Cera was the lone cast member holding up the long-awaited movie. "I kind of was perpetuating a little thing, like, wouldn’t it be funny if Michael Cera was the holdout. Let’s put that out there," Entertainment Weekly reports. "Then it really turned ugly, quickly."


Remember De Rossi’s wickedly funny portrayal of the heiress daughter too busy finding herself to mother, Lindsay Bluth?

What has Lindsay been up to since going off the air in 2006? Will she still be married to Tobias Funke (David Cross)? Have she and daughter Maeby, (Alia Shawkat) or mom, Lucille (Jessica Walters) bonded? Wouldn't it be fabulous if her character followed suit and came out as a lesbian like Portia herself?

We’ll have to wait and see.

To ease the pain, check out five of the coolest unkown facts scooped from the fan fest reunion:

1.    The first script came with a warning.
Portia De Rossi: There was a cover letter that came with the script that basically said, pretty much, no diva type behavior, it’s going to be shot from the hip, we’re not really going to have fancy trailers … I remember reading that and then came the “What are we getting ourselves into?”

2.    The cast was originally supposed to be in their fifties.
Mitchell Hurwitz: When I started working on this pilot, I was thinking that [Jeffrey Tambor] was going to play Tobias. And I had everybody in their fifties and it was actually Jill Clayburgh who said to me, ‘Oh that’s horribly depressing,”

3.    Some of the best lines were ad-libbed.
Will Arnett: [The camera] was still shooting on Jeffrey in that sequence when he gets arrested [in the pilot] … and he’s calling his secretary to say ‘clean everything out,’ and then Jeffrey threw in, “Why are you crying?!” That moment [for me] was like, “This is great.”

4.    You can spend the night in Lucille’s apartment — which is also where Will Arnett had his epiphany about the cast’s camaraderie.
WA: I remember there was a moment on the pilot when we were shooting in Lucille’s apartment, which was at the time a suite at the Ritz in Marina del Rey — which you can go and stay in if you’re so inclined. And there was a moment when we were shooting a scene and we’re all in it … and there was that moment when we’re like, “Wow, everybody’s kind of doing the same thing. This is unusual.”

5. The fake “scenes-from-the-next” started as a craven way to get the show picked up by the network.
I knew that when they test pilots, one question they ask is “Would you want to see another episode?” So it really did come from that. It was like, “Well, let me just put some teaser on the episode”…. It’s a pilot, of course it’s not [already going to have] a next episode…. Then it was a great thing because you always end on a big joke.

Read more about the reunion on now.

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