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3 Secrets You Should Know About Dana Goldberg

3 Secrets You Should Know About Dana Goldberg

Fans of lesbian comedian Dana Goldberg (or soon-to-be fans) will be interested in this funny lady's new interview.

Fans of lesbian comedian Dana Goldberg might already know that she grew up in a Jewish household where two of the three kids were gay. They might know she regularly appears at big Human Rights Campaign events, and that she runs a comedy show of her own, especially for women, in Albuquerque, New Mexico every year. But here are three things you’ve probably never heard about Goldberg, and that she might never repeat again:

1) “I’m terrified of spiders. People call me a soft butch, but I’m terribly afraid of spiders. I can’t. I’ll be chivalrous. I’ll open the doors and write the cards. Kill the fucking spiders. I need you to get them out of the house.”

2) “I’ve only been high once in my life. I ate something and it was a complete disaster. Beware of cookies at Dinah Shore! I accused the people I was with of stealing from the house we were staying in. It was horrible. I brushed my teeth for 45 minutes.”

3) “My first comedy set ever was in front of 650 people in a sold out theater in Albuquerque. I practiced in front of my sister and all of her friends. I did my set in the living room with a lint roller as my microphone, and they were stoned out of their minds so they thought I was the funniest person on the planet. That was the only encouragement I needed. I got onstage for the show and I remember looking down and I could see my heart beating through my shirt. I didn’t touch the microphone. I thought I was going to turn it into an amplifying vibrator!”

Read more about all of that, plus the comedian’s brush with President Obama, in Goldberg’s interview with The Advocate.


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