Out Comic Erin Foley Will 'GO ON' with Matthew Perry

Out Comic Erin Foley Will 'GO ON' with Matthew Perry
Sunnivie Brydum

In a vague tweet clearly meant to whet our appetite, out comedian Erin Foley said she'll be appearing on tonight's episode of GO ON, the new comedy featuring Matthew Perry on NBC.

"Hey everyone, watch GO ON tomorrow night at 9pm on NBC," Foley tweeted on Monday. "I have a fun scene with Matthew Perry. High Five."

The "high five" mention seems to be a reference to Perry's character's tendency to always go for the high-five, even in inappropriate situations where the sportscaster finds himself uncomfortable or out of place.

Foley won't be the first lesbian funny lady to appear on the show, as Julie White plays a lesbian — with a tragically minor role — in the sitcom about a rag-tag support group each trying to move on after an emotional loss. 

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