Watch: Jodie Foster Comes Out Officially, if not 'Privately,' in Golden Globes Speech

Watch: Jodie Foster Comes Out Officially, if not 'Privately,'  in Golden Globes Speech
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Two-time Oscar nominee Jodie Foster came out kind of, sort of officially, if not in a roundabout manner, while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

Following Robert Downey Jr.’s introduction of Jodie and her work, she took to the stage for a fairly straightforward speech until about halfway through when she hushed the room saying she had an “announcement.” Just as she had the audience on the edge of their seats she said, “I’m single.”

If Foster’s announcement seemed like a tease, she went on to say that she’s been out “a thousand years” but that she values her “privacy” above all else.

"Privacy -- maybe someday in the future, people will look back and remember how beautiful it once was. I have given everything out there, from the time I was three years old,” Foster said.

She went on to say, "Now, apparently, I'm told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance, and a prime-time reality show."

In a confusing speech Foster referenced everything from Honey Boo Boo to her ex-partner and her two sons’ other mother Cydney Bernard to her own mother Brandy whom, from what could be gathered from her speech, is ill.

Foster’s meandering coming out speech, while difficlut to decipher, brought several Globe attendees including Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway to tears.

In 2007, at a women in film breakfast, Foster thanked Bernard saying, “my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through the rotten and the bliss.”

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