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Where the Girls Are on TV: Blake Lively, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones

Where the Girls Are on TV: Blake Lively, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones

A Gossip Girl socialite is arrested for theft. This week's episode of GREEK includes Rebecca and Robin kissing, flashing a complete stranger, and dancing on a table. Rebecca is informed that Robin is gay, which sparks curiosity. Grey's Anatomy keeps Callie and Arizona are in choppy waters. On Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Rachel and Jenn get it on under a sleeping bag, not really caring if their teammates wanted to watch. Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are mistaken for a couple on Parks and Recreation

Our lovely Senior Editor Tracy Gilchrist once reminded us how hot bad girls behind bars can be, and thanks to this week’s Gossip Girl, we can add Blake Lively to the list. GG’s very own socialite Serena van der Woodsen was caught under arrest for theft. Who knew she could be such a baddass right? 

Even though we eventually discover that Serena’s crazy control-freak mom orchestrated the whole deal by calling in the bracelet she gave her daughter as a stolen item, we still gotta give Serena some street cred. After all, she has a lovely mugshot –and a drop dead gorgeous one at that… way better than Lilo could ever pull off—to show for herself. I wonder if they let her keep the handcuffs…

Speaking of naughty, on her list of delectably naughty things to do before a bachelorette gets hooked, kissing a girl makes the list along with flashing a complete stranger and dancing on a table on this week’s episode of GREEK (ABC Family). I’m not sure if we should be flattered to be included, but I won’t question it.  Afterall, it gave us Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) objecting an innocent kiss on the cheek and shows us how its done by grabbing her older sorority big sis Robin, and laying one on her. The kiss lasts longer than it should, and was pretty damn hot if I do say so myself. Rebecca and Robin exchange some lingering looks while a couple frat boys remain gawking at the display. 

You know, I have to give it up to the writers for doing the storyline right. When we last saw Robin, she was cable knit-sweatered and well… kind of scary. Perhaps GLAAD stepped in and told them how to accurately portray a hot red-headed amazon. 

Later, Rebecca is informed that Robin is gay, and I can already see the curious gears turning in her head about the kiss they shared. At the reception, Rebecca confronts her about it, and like the wise lesbian whose likely dealt with her share of curious encounters gone wrong, Robin tells Rebecca that it was just a kiss, and that what she’s feeling is just part of what everyone is going through in college, and that she’ll figure it out eventually.

“So I shouldn’t obsess over it?”

“Not unless you liked it, because I liked it too.” And in case either of them were wondering, I liked it too.

Before Robin leaves, Rebecca catches her to say a quick goodbye, and we learn that Robin is going to be staying in town for a couple weeks, and they exchange numbers. She has the same idiotic smile on her face that I get when a gorgeous girl tells me that I’ll see her again, and she walks away completely blowing off her friend’s offer at a new guy. Looks like a new lesbian is born.

Ladies, we’ve got quite a promising lesbian storyline developing here. You don’t want to miss it.

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Speaking of not to miss lesbian storylines, this week’s Grey’s has our favorite primetime couple in choppy waters, as Callie (Sara Ramirez) is contemplating lying to her family about her relationship with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) to win them back. This situation has her so stressed out that she skips out on dinner and sex at the beginning of the episode. Callie, what is wrong with you?

Later, Callie eventually admits to Arizona that she bailed on their dinner because she couldn't afford it, and she's working extra shifts because she’s strapped for cash. Arizona reassures her that she doesn't care if they have to eat in, after all, don’t lesbians just stay in and cuddle anyway? 

The two end up in bed together at the end of the episode, and are sharing a very economical, and convenient to eat in bed pizza.

When we last left the ladies on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Rachel and Jenn were getting it on under a sleeping bag, on a bunk bed… while everyone was listening outside. Kudos to them for making the most of what they had, and not caring that the rest of their teammates wanted to watch. I’m not one for PDA. I stop kissing someone the second someone sees us. But hey, these girls don’t mind getting a little rough in front of the cameras, so more power to them. 

This week Rachel seems to be running high off her bedplay because she wins the challenge for the girls, and Ruthie is sent to the duel. Ruthie is most famous for being the girl who got naked the second she got to her house on her season of the Real World and almost dying of alcohol poisoning the second night. Despite all of that, she has that redemptive, I was bad but I’m gonna do good Shane-quality to her, making her one of my favorite reality stars, so no one was nervous that this fighter was sent to challenge. However, to everyone’s surprise Ruthie loses the duel and is sent home. One lesbian down, three to go.

Though NBC may be having trouble getting their hottest detective renewed for next season, they seem to be going strong with their comedic vixens. This week on Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler overdoes it as her character Leslie tries to impress everyone as she gears up for an awards ceremony so she visits a famous barber to get her hair done. Once he’s done with her, her hair, along with her Diane Keaton-esque suit is enough to make everyone’s gaydar go off. While standing around with Ann (Rashida Jones), they get mistaken for a couple and are commended for their bravery. Rather than correct the mistake, Leslie decides to play the gay card to the best of her advantage and Ann is stuck playing Portia for the night. 

We also might be seeing more of Poehler next fall as NBC just announced that its ordering a season of Weekend Update to fill its primetime spot on Thursdays next season. Though the show is currently hosted by Seth Meyers, word on the street is they’ll be asking former new anchors Poehler and Tina Fey to drop by every once and a while. God we hope so. 


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