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50 Cent Calls Rapper Young Buck Gay in Transphobic Instagram Post

50 Cent Calls Rapper Young Buck Gay in Transphobic Instagram Post

50 Cent Calls Rapper Young Buck Gay in Transphobic Instagram Post

The post has since been deleted.


50 Cent caused some drama the other day after posting transphobic comments to social media.

He posted (and later deleted) an audio recording to Instagram that is supposedly of former G-Unit rapper Young Buck.

In the clip, the man is telling a woman to “take that shit down.”

“I have to go out and let people know that this is not real,” he says. “I don’t know what the fuck happened.”

The comments are reportedly about a video that surfaced in 2018 in which a man thought to be Young Buck was engaging in sexual acts with a transgender woman named GlamourPurfek.

The woman in the video claimed her account was hacked and apologized to Young Buck, but he insisted it wasn’t him in the video.

“I just know it ain’t me and I ain’t fucking gay,” the audio recording continued.

While it’s unclear why 50 Cent brought this back up over six months later, there’s no doubt that he did it in a really shitty way, captioning the post:

“If your in a relationship with a tranny your gay. that’s a boy, Boy!!! It’s cool Buck you gonna be big down at the gay bars Give me a call.”

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He immediately received pushback for both the slur and the ignorance of his comment online, ultimately leading to him deleting the original post.

Though the rapper has been a public supporter of same-sex marriage and spoken about his mother having been a lesbian, it’s not the first time 50 Cent has come under fire for anti-LGBTQ comments.

In 2015, he made an Instagram post blaming the drop in Empire’s ratings on the audience not being able to “take the extra gay stuff.”

And there was also that weird maybe-a-joke death threat he tweeted after someone photoshopped him with a rainbow grill last year.

He has yet to make any additional comments since deleting his transphobic post.

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