10 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Woman holding basket texts on her phone

Cheating happens. It's horrible but it happens. It's kinda awkward for the guilty party as well, which is a fact we at SheWired are happy to acknowledge. It's also frequently brushed under the carpet, prolonging the agony. Having been messed around on - and having messed around on someone who clearly didn't really love me, but with whom I was utterly obsessed (oh do not get me started!) - I offer these words which I hope contain wisdom to anyone wondering if they should stay or go. I promise it's better to be alone than with someone who isn't totally with you. On the other hand, don't take one or two of these points as categorical evidence! This is just a guide. Good luck!

1. She's working late - all the time


We all know this is the absolute classic of all classics when it comes to the mechanics of cheating. Work is a chance, for most people, to spend a day away from their partner. Bosses get demanding, overtime gets required - it doesn't matter if your boss isn't the boss asking for it. It's the perfect cover for a quick roll in the hay with someone she shouldn't be rollin' with.


2. She's keeping extra-close guard on her phone


Where previously you'd comfortably show each other your texts and sign in to check emails on each other's devices when you couldn't be bothered to go upstairs, she has now raised Fort Knox around her iPhone. Lesbian Eve has officially stolen that Apple, and you know it.



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