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20 Bethenny Frankel GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate Your 1st Night Out After a Break-Up

20 Bethenny Frankel GIFs That Perfectly Illustrate Your 1st Night Out After a Break-Up

After all, she does know it all.


You just got out of a relationship, and although the sadness still lingers, you’re finally ready to hit the town and embrace the single life!

However, the night usually starts off amazing and ends in a drunken puddle on the floor, texting the very person you were supposed to be forgetting. Here are 20 Bethenny Frankel GIFs that perfectly illustrate your first single night out after a break-up.

1. It all starts with an optimistic invite from your bff and a pessimistic RSVP from you.

2. You arrive at the club and you’re already over it…

3. But your friends are determined.

4. You order a drink and chase it with a shot.

5. Someone slaps you on the ass 20 minutes into your night…

6. And mistakes your awkwardness for mutual attraction.

7. So you immediately lay it all out there.

8. Your friends try to open you up to this new beginning.

9. Then the alcohol starts kicking in, and you start getting paranoid.

10. You blame your friends.

11. Now you basically have no one at the bar who’s on your side...

12. Then you have an epiphany – There’s no one better for you than your ex – THEY would’ve been on your side.

13. “Are you ok, do you want to talk about it?” ask your friends.

14. “Are you sure?” they prod.

15. You JUST want hot guys…

16. The ass-grab guy from earlier in the night comes back around and you’re really not having it.

17. Then it all hits you at once and the emotion is real.

18. Your friends suggest you leave and get pizza

19. But you can’t hold it in…so your friends hold you.

20. It’s officially time for bed, and as you look into your phone, about to hit send on that drunk text, you try to convince yourself not to.(repeat this step until the morning). 

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