13 Madonna Reaction GIFs Perfect for Sassy Situations

13 Madonna Reaction GIFs Perfect for Sassy Situations
Yezmin Villarreal

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1. When someone asks you if you’ve ever kissed a girl.image

2. When someone asks you if they can ride with you, and you’re like, “there’s always Uber.” image

3. When someone asks if you have weekend plans, and you’re like, “Yeah, Netflix.” image

4. When someone tries to talk to you while you're hanging out with The King of Pop, and you’re like, “Not a chance, bye.”image

5. When people try to shame you for turning 25, and you’re like, “I’M TIMELESS.”image

6. When people ask you if you ever want to get married.image

7. When someone asks what your last name is, and you’re like, this is a dating app, not IRL.image

8. When people try to compare you to someone else. image

9. When people ask you what your type is and you’re like, “Who’s asking?”image

10. When you don’t have time for crushes who won't text you back.image

11. When you walk up into the club like, “I made my appearance and now I can leave.” image

12. When people try to skirt around a question and you aren’t having it.image

13. When someone asks you to spill the tea and you aren’t ready.image

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