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Frankie Grande Mugged in New York City

Frankie Grande
Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

He thanked fans for their well-wishes after the news broke.


Frankie Grande is recovering after being mugged in New York City last week.

The incident reportedly happened on the evening of November 9, when Grande was walking through Midtown and struck in the back of the head. The suspects stole his Louis Vuitton bag, which contained his wallet, iPhone, and other items.

According to ABC7, a 13 and 17-year-old were later arrested after trying to use Grande’s credit card at a smoke shop in the area. They have been charged with robbery, grand larceny, unlawful use of a credit card, criminal possession of stolen property, menacing and harassment, and criminal possession of a weapon, as they were carrying an imitation pistol and razor blade at the time.

Grande had not previously spoken out about the incident, but after the news broke, he took to Instagram to thank his fans for checking in on him.

“Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers,” he wrote. “I am so thankful to be safe and healing. Keep shining bright and stay safe out there.”

The dancer celebrated his marriage to boyfriend Hale Leon earlier this year, who he proposed to in virtual reality.

What is Frankie Grande known for?

Frankie Grande is a Broadway performer, YouTuber, reality TV contestant, and Ariana Grande's half brother.

Who is Frankie Grande's boyfriend?

Grande has been married to Hale Leon since May 2022.

Is Frankie Grande Ariana Grande's half brother?

Yes, the two share the same mother.

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