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Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumors She’s Got A Secret Sapphic Romance

Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumors She’s Got A Secret Sapphic Romance

Stassie Karanikolaou and Kylie Jenner
Instagram; Hulu

Is she dating bestie Stassie Karanikolaou?


Back in February, Kylie Jenner posted a series of eyebrow-raising photos with her bestie Stassie Karanikolaou, which featured the two kissing with the caption “forever valentine.” Naturally, fans wondered if this was the precursor to a Saphhic hard launch. Others called it queerbaiting.

On the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Jenner finally addressed the rumors.

“Isn’t it so funny that everyone thinks that we’re dating these days?” Jenner asked Karanikolaou. “When we get a little alcohol in our system, we just like to kiss each other and stuff.”

Gee, I wonder why fans would have questions.

Karanikolaou agreed that the fan reaction was “weird” and Jenner shared that her comment section was full of people convinced they were an item, “All my comments is, ‘We know you guys are having sex,’” said Jenner.

She went on to clarify that sadly they are not a couple — though she wishes they were. “It would have just been way easier if I was sexually attracted to you,” added Jenner.

Jenner went on to heap praise on their friendship during a confessional scene. “Anastasia and I have been friends since we were probably 12 or 13,” Jenner said. “She’s definitely my oldest friend.”

“We grew up together, we’ve been through so much together,” she continued. “She’s like a sister.”

Well, that settles that.

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