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Selena Gomez Screaming 'I'm Single' At Soccer Players Is Such A Mood

Selena Gomez Screaming 'I'm Single' At Soccer Players Is Such A Mood

Selena Gomez

"I'm just a little high maintenance," the singer joked.


Thirsting after soccer players is a whole vibe just about everyone of every gender and sexuality can relate to, and apparently, so can Selena Gomez.

The singer posted a hilarious TikTok on Thursday showcasing her own romantic desperation as she hollered at local athletes from the sidelines.

“I’m single!” she yelled in the general direction of the players while a friend recorded. “I’m just a little high maintenance! But I’ll love you soooo much!”


The struggle man lol

We can only assume that either none of the players heard her, or maybe didn’t know Gomez was the one watching and screaming for them. Otherwise, there surely would have been a row of gents lining up to compete for her hand, soccer match be damned.

Gomez captioned the video “the struggle man lol” and ultimately uploaded it to her own page, as unconcerned about putting her plea for love on blast to the general public as she was when she made the call on the field.

Fans immediately deemed it far too relatable, expressed shock that she didn’t have a whole boyfriend by the end of the game, and an overwhelming number of comments called it Alex Russo behavior, referencing Gomez’s iconic (and secretly bisexual) Wizards of Waverly Place character.

“This is not Selena Gomez, this is Alex Russo,” reads the top comment, elaborated on by another viewer who said “the fit and the location is very much giving Alex Russo.”

“imagine selena gomez yelling ‘im single’ at you,” wrote @lexii_miranda, appropriately adding a crying emoji to her comment.

“If I was in ear shot of her sayin this I would never had sprinted to someone faster in my life,” @levi_valor16 agreed.

Meanwhile, @bossazzbiss got a little too real with it, noting, “If it’s hard for Selena Gomez to date I’m gonna die alone.”

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