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Former Google Executive and Broadway Dancer, Gay Fitness Experts Launch Helltown.Fit in Provincetown

Former Google Executive and Broadway Dancer, Gay Fitness Experts Launch Helltown.Fit in Provincetown

Former Google Executive and Broadway Dancer, Gay Fitness Experts Launch Helltown.Fit in Provincetown
Helltown Fitness

Former Google executive, Andrew Brennan, right and former Broadway Dancer, Tim Bish, both gay fitness experts officially launch Helltown Fitness June 17, 2023

If there is one thing Queers are known for, it taking care of themselves, so we can never have enough fitness options! Just in time of Summer 2023 in Provincetown, MA and playing off the town's long storied nickname, Helltown Fitness launches this month and offers intense yet playful strength and conditioning classes that promote functional fitness and longevity. Using kettlebells, bands, and bodyweight exercises, classes are designed to provide a complete, full body workout that will leave visitors and townies alike feeling pumped, toned, firmed, and ready to take on their day.

Co-founders, well-experienced fitness and former Broadway dancer, Tim Bish, and former Google executive and fitness expert, Andrew Brennan, are collaborating on this project because of their mutual loves of Provincetown and fitness. They have each found strength and community in group fitness classes, and wanted to bring that experience, along with the incredible benefits that come from strength-based functional fitness, to Provincetown. With backgrounds in Broadway dance and international rowing, Tim and Andrew bring a unique depth of experience to their offering, and can provide strength and conditioning classes unlike any available in town.

“Boutique fitness was a passion and a sanctuary for me in New York City. I want to provide that for anyone here who might share those passions and seek that comfort.” – Tim Bish

“I fell in love with kettlebells during the pandemic – they are an incredible tool for developing functional strength through your entire range of motion. I’m excited to help more people discover how great they are for your physical and mental health.” - Andrew Brennan

The Helltown name comes from the name of a settlement in Provincetown originating in the 1600s, populated by fishermen, outlaws, smugglers and pirates. Helltown had a reputation for mischief and loose morals – the same as Andrew and Tim, they joke – and the name conjures the fire they want to bring to workouts.

For its debut season, Helltown Fitness is offering classes at the Crown & Anchor, an iconic hotel and entertainment complex in the heart of Provincetown, on the pool deck, at the beach, or in the Paramount nightclub during the day. The spectacular views, proximity to beach, surf, and pool, and the availability of fresh juices and delicious food only add to the already signature boutique experience. As a queer-owned and run business, Helltown Fitness is honored to be working with another queer business in the Crown & Anchor.

Tim Bish and Andrew Brennan demonstrate how to use kettle bells in classes for

These classes will warm-up you up, teach you skills, push you towards your goals and leave you ready for the day. With a wide array of kettlebells and bands, these classes are scalable to your individual level and modifications and progressions are provided so you can customize the workout that is right for you. And, working out in the sun and breeze allows for tanning and tranquility.

“I liked the pacing of the class, the instructors, and how I felt after the workout.” - one the participants from their opening weekend.

They hope to create an experience that supports the health and wellness of the Provincetown community while recognizing that many of visitors are looking for time to restore and nourish themselves. Helltown Fitness classes will be one way to give your mind and body some loving attention this summer season.

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