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G Flip On Their New Album, Loving Chrishell & ENBY Rep On Selling Sunset

G Flip On Their New Album, Loving Chrishell & ENBY Rep On Selling Sunset

G Flip and Chrishell Stause

G Flip tells Advocate Now about their newest endeavors, and how their wife Chrishell Stause inspired both their music and appearance on Selling Sunset.

G Flip opens up about their newest endeavors, and how their wife Chrishell Stause inspired both their music and appearance on reality TV.

2023 is the year of G-Flip, fresh off celebrating their marriage to reality star Chrishell Stause and entering living rooms everywhere by sharing their love story on Selling Sunset, the nonbinary Australian musician has, even more, to get excited for: The release of their new album Drummer.

Drummer is a bit different from the musician's previous work, they share, as it has a heavy focus on percussion. G Flip says that drums have been a passion of theirs since childhood and that they were excited to feature it so heavily in their newest creative endeavor.

"Like the title implies, the album has a lot of drumming in it," they tell Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "Drumming is my first instrument. I started playing drums when I was nine and singing in my early twenties. So, the the album is everything I wanted as a kid."

G Flip Talks New Album Drummer & Marriage to Chrishell Stause

G Flip shares that they even majored in the instrument in college when they were studying music. Despite the lack of women in the profession, they never let that dissuade them from pursuing their passion.

"I identify as nonbinary now, but growing up as a girl, there wasn't many other drummers. After high school I went and studied music and I majored in drums and I was the only female in all of that," they explain. "But at the same time, I just love drums, like no matter my gender, just as a soul and as a human"

G Flip is among the growing number of musicians and celebrities that have come out as nonbinary, including Sam Smith and Demi Lovato, who the artist says inspired them on their journey of self-discovery. G Flip says that after they "educated myself" on the label, they realized "you can identify however you want."

"In my head I've always kind of identified as this nonbinary person, but I never had the words," they explain, adding, "My whole life makes sense now. I get myself better. I feel way more euphoric coming out nonbinary."

Unfortunately, G Flip notes that "the world still getting educated" about nonbinary identity. They share that they still "get a lot of hate because of it," as "a lot of people don't understand it." One of the "biggest misconceptions that people need to wrap their head around," according to the musician, is that "there's a difference between gender and sex."

Those misconceptions were part of the reason G Flip agreed to appear on the reality series Selling Sunset alongside their partner, Chrishell Stause, who recently became their wife. While Stause has long been a figure on the show, G Flip was hesitant to participate, until a "big chat" with Stause about positive queer representation eventually changed their mind.

"I personally wasn't sure about going on to Selling Sunset. It just didn't feel like my kind of thing or something that would just be in my future," they say. "But then we did have big chats about how us being a queer, healthy couple — and me being nonbinary on a show that gets so many eyes on it — how that can change and impact the world."

Now, G Flip says they feel grateful to be "in a position where you can actually really help people without even knowing by just showing up."

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