22 Signs You're a Bigger Lesbian Than You Thought


(Me, Katie, in one of my gayer moments)


I came out 8 years ago and counting, but each year I seem to get a little bit gayer.  Or maybe just more comfortable in my skin.  Either way, if you can identify with at least 5 items on this list, you're probably a lesbian.  

1.  Every time a celebrity comes out as a lesbian or bisexual, you say "Duh, I've known this forever" then immediately Google her and learn everything you can about her, watch everything she's been in, and start mirroring her wardrobe.  Basically you become her number one fangirl. 

2.  You were especially excited when Raven Symone came out, as that justified the hours you spent binge-watching the Disney Channel long after you were too old for such things.

3.  You will watch anything—literally anything—with even the slightest hint of lesbian content or storylines in it, no matter how terrible, inaccurate, or ultimately insulting to lesbians it is.

4.  You aren't particularly handy, but Home Depot is still one of your favorite stores and you can spend hours looking at paint or wandering around the garden section.


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