Charlize Theron Locks Lips with a Girl in New Atomic Blonde Clip

Taylor Henderson

Charlize Theron is kicking ass and taking names in her newest action thriller film Atomic Blonde

Theron stars as Lorraine Broughton, an undercover MI6 agent who is sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of an agent during the Cold War, but gets wrapped up in a huge government conspiracy. Theron's jaw-dropping stunts and general badassery are hyping up Atomic Blonde as a movie of the summer, but a same-sex romance is a welcome change to the typical action movie formula. 

The newest clip, titled "The Politics of Dancing," shows the initial meeting of Theron and Sofia Boutella's character, Delphine. Sparks fly between them in the moodily lit club, but when the two move somewhere a bit more private, a misplaced gun quickly kills the mood.

Atomic Blonde smashes into theatres on July 28th. Watch the clip below.


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