Can We Talk About Lil Yachty's New Album Cover?

Taylor Henderson

Lil Yachty released his upcoming album name, tracklist, and cover art on Twitter earlier today, and it's very LGBTQ-friendly.

The 19-year-old rapper, chest barred and smiling in a baby pink outfit, sits in the middle of what seems to be a movie theater surrounded by a wide array of teenagers, including two guys in the midst of a make-out session. Additionally, the bottom left corner of the album art cryptically features the symbols for male and female. 


The album, titled Teenage Emotions, is an incredibly inclusive gesture considering hip-hop's ever persisting problem with homophobia and misogyny. With artists like Frank Ocean being open with his sexuality and Young Thug wearing a dress on his album cover, it seems like the younger generation of hip-hop artists aren't afraid to butt heads with gender norms and break down stereotypes. 

The 21-track album has many notable features, including Migos, who seem to be making the rounds with queer-friendly musicians since their homophobic misstep earlier this year. 

Teenage Emotions is due on May 26th.


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