Laverne Cox Just Debuted a Truly Gag-Worthy Single

Brendan Haley

Laverne Cox just took an artisitic segway into the music industry, dropping a brand new single titled "Beat for the Gods!"

The decorated Orange Is the New Black actress unveiled a sickening track that pays tribute to some of her personal legends, such as Grace Jones and Marie Antoinette (particularly showcased in Cox's French court attire).

"I’m not trying to be a pop star. Acting is my passion. It’s always my priority," Cox told OUT. "But I’m also an artist, and I loved the process of writing a song, recording it, arranging it, and then shooting a video, and producing it, coming up with the concept with the director, hiring a choreographer and’s fun to create something in a different way."

Check out "Beat for the Gods" below.

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