Radio DJ Wants To Turn 'Hot Lesbians' Straight With A Single Date

Radio DJ Wants To Turn 'Hot Lesbians' Straight With A Single Date
Sunnivie Brydum

Columbus, Ohio radio host Jimmy Jam told listeners on his WNCI Morning Zoo program that he wants to "change" any "hot lesbians" who would be willing to go on a date with him, reports Jezebel. Columbus restauranteur Elizabeth Lessner first tweeted about the offensive remarks Thursday morning, saying "WNCI's Morning Show is hosting a contest to see if one of the morning guys can 'change' a hot lesbian if he dates her. I wish I was kidding."

The station's operations manager, Michael McCoy, told Jezebel the comment was meant as a joke to highlight the host's ineptitude and the current buzz surrounding a father in Hong Kong who offered a bounty to any men willing to woo his lesbian daughter. "Nobody on the show thinks Jimmy can 'turn' a lesbian straight," said McCoy, of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment-Columbus. "What will end up happening is that Jimmy will be embarrassed by his efforts and the lesson that will be forwarded through the story is exactly what you think it would be: you can't change who a person is and that you need to accept them as they are. The idea was from a news story that is all over the place today. The joke in this bit is not on the lesbian or the GLBT community, it's on Jimmy."

Well, let's be honest — the joke is on the hypothetical lesbian's identity, which is a considered up for discussion and conversion in the first place because it's "different." Something tells me the radio jockeys wouldn't have run this "joke" with a gay man promising to "turn queer" the presumably-straight host, Jam.

Audio of the show, which is syndicated nationally through Clear Channel, is mysteriously not available online. McCoy told Jezebel the clip isn't available because the conclusion to the story hit will hit airwaves today. I'm not holding my breath on that.

Twitter user Lauren_630 tweeted that Jam read an on-air apology early this morning, but added that it "Was clearly written for him by someone else… sounded canned/insincere." 

Lessner, who first launched the social media campaign against Jam said the DJ has a history of sexist, homophobic commentary. Color me shocked.

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