Olympics Opening Ceremonies Pays Homage to 'Brookside's' Groundbreaking Lesbian Kiss

Olympics Opening Ceremonies Pays Homage to 'Brookside's' Groundbreaking Lesbian Kiss
Tracy E. Gilchrist

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies on Friday charted Britain’s history beginning with the pastoral era through to the industrial age and on to the tech age and included a lesbian kiss between two characters on the television series Brookside that aired  in 1994, which was shown as part of a montage of famous kisses during an homage to the modern phenomenon of cell phone hook-ups.

Following NBC’s airing of the opening ceremonies Friday some controversy arose as to whether or not NBC actually aired the lesbian kiss, which was included in opening series that was directed by Oscar bait director Danny Boyle.

At the end of the day, NBC did not censor this kiss as one viewer proves by slowing down the video below. 

The kiss between Beth (Anna Friel) and Margaret (Nicola Stephenson) broke ground as the first lesbian kiss on a UK soap, airing on Channel 4 on the long-running soap Brookside, according to Diva.  Not only was it the first kiss but it was a 19-second kiss! That’s pretty big by today’s standards.

Here’s the kiss replayed at the Olympics Opening Ceremonies in London on Friday. 

Here's the scene featuring the infamous kiss as aired on Channel 4 in 1994. 

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