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Janet Just Got Super Gay on The Good Place

Janet Just Got Super Gay on 'The Good Place'

Janet Just Got Super Gay on 'The Good Place'

*gay screams echo into the void*


The Good Place just got a whole lot forking gayer!

Well... kind of...

NBC's hit comedy series critiquing the morality of the afterlife just had one of it's queerest moments yet! 

Spoilers for tonight's episode "Janet(s)" ahead!!

In order to escape some Bad Place demons, Michael, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are sucked into Janet's void—a nothingness where humans are physically incapable to exist. 

To maintain it's equilibrium, Janet's void turns all of our earthling heroes into...Janets.  

While our heroes might all look like Janet, they are still very much themselves and burdened with the same troubles. EleanorJanet is anxious over telling Chidi that they were soulmates in an alternate timeline, ChidiJanet avoids dealing with his feelings at all costs, and JasonJanet just wants to relax in a drained hot tub with his homie.

D'Arcy Carden hilariously plays our usual Janet, all four of our heroes as Janet, and even a new Janet over the course of the episode.

"It was hard and confusing," Carden jokingly told PRIDE at an NBC screening of the episode. 

When EleanorJanet begins to lose her sense of self and begins to tear apart the threads of Janet's entire void, ChidiJanet has to remind EleanorJanet who she is to save the world from crashing down around them, and in the process, he finally admits the love he has for her. 

The camera spins. The music swells. And the two kiss—but both as Janets. 

Did NBC just gave us one of the queerest TV moments of the year?

Carden detailed the intricate process of making out with herself.

"So there was a long pole with a literal pair of lips, plastic lips, exactly at my lip height and it was on a lazy susan that was controlled by some dude. It was a pole, it wasn't a body, so I had to hug at air and kiss these lips and we would start spinning and I couldn't smile or laugh."

She continued:

"Then I had to kiss Kristen but it had to match the exact head tilt. Every inch of us had to match. She was on a little box and we just had to press against each other in a not sexy way at all. It was just like a, 'Okay now move... oh your hair... and your mouth.'  It was like surgery almost."

The hit NBC comedy, which was just renewed for a fourth season, has built up a loyal, cult-like following with many LGBTQ fans. Those fans quickly caught on to the sly flirtations of Eleanor Shelstrop, played by the adorable Kristen Bell, who casually jokes about her attractions to women, including Tahani, and the two even are even soulmates in one of Season 2's rebooted timelines. 

Eleanor's bisexuality was canonically confirmed earlier this year by William Harper, who plays Chidi in the series.

"Eleanor is super bisexual and it’s not something that we just focus on," said Harper. "It’s not the reason for the show and it’s not a thing that is harped on, it’s just who she is."

If two Janets can make out, anything is truly possible! Okay Janet, please make Eleanor and Tahani happen!

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