A Queer Storyline Is Coming to Westworld Season 2 (and My Body Is Ready)

Taylor Henderson

Strap into your seats and hold on for dear life Westworld fans, because the hit HBO sci-fi series is headed back to your small screen in a matter of days - and this time with some LGBTQ themes.

In a recent interview with IndieWireEvan Rachel Wood - who plays the vengeful android Dolores - promised LGBTQ fans that they'd get "some queer moments" in the upcoming season. "I was not disappointed," she explained. "That’s all I can say. We’ll give you something. As a queer person, I’m like, 'More.' We will not leave you high and dry. That’s what I’m going to say."

No details just yet, and even Wood admits that "storyline" might be a strong word, but we remain hopeful.

The series holds a special place in Wood's heart. In it, people from around the globe visit Westworld, a theme park filled with frighteningly realistic robots that allow visitors to physically engage in fanciful storylines straight out of an old western film. Dolores (Wood), who believes she is a prairie girl, is at will to the violent men who take a fancy to her. Every AI's memory is wiped clean every night, but as the automatons begin to gain sentience and remember their traumatic pasts, an uprising begins to stir.

The openly bisexual actress admits that she was inspired by her character Dolores to share her real-life sexual assault experiences, even testifying to Congress in February.

"Playing that role changed my life," said Wood. "It made me really face a lot of my trauma and give me a newfound strength and a way to be seen. And for it to not be my fault. Working on that show … and taking back the power … completely changed it. And made me want to rise. It feels fated in a weird way. Sometimes we’re just unconsciously drawn to the things that matter to us."

Westworld Season 2 premieres on April 22nd on HBO.

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