K-Y INTENSE Lesbian Ad: See It Now Before It’s on TV, Video

K-Y INTENSE Lesbian Ad: See It Now Before It’s on TV, Video

Ladies, hold onto your keyboards, it’s about to heat up on SheWired!

Have you seen ads for K-Y brand INTENSE Arousal Gel? The word is, it “makes that big moment [orgasm! YAY!] even bigger.”

According to the official consumer studies, 75% of women experienced heightened arousal, sexual pleasure and sensitivity…where it counts most. Of those women, 90% reported that INTENSE bettered their overall intimate experience with their partner.

Well now, K-Y is bringing INTENSE to lesbians who want to cozy up this fall in bed (or wherever you get frisky!).

Check out the brand new commercial for INTENSE, featuring lesbian couple “Alex & Emma” experiencing the product together for the first time, below. Bonus points for depicting the women in normal pajamas instead of some male fantasy lesbians in lingerie. It begins airing nationally on September 5th, but you can watch it now on SheWired!

SheWired will be testing out this product for soon (which strangely is never referred to as lube/lubricant), and we’ll let you know if we see any fireworks.

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