Watch: 'The Throwaways' Trailer from tello films

Watch: 'The Throwaways' Trailer from tello films

The trailer for tello films’ webseries The Throwaways is out!

Newly out teen Olivia loses her family, her home and her future in one fell swoop when she's taken in by a resilient group of lesbian misfits, things can only get better. Right?

Despite the recent repeal of DADT and President Obama's support of gay marriage, gay kids are still being bullied, harassed and thrown out of their homes because of their sexuality. The Throwaways follows straight-A, straight-laced and anything but straight Olivia on her quest to find a safe place to be herself.

The series stars Ashley Andersen, Molly Pan, Kate Black-Spence, Fawzia Mirza, and Mia Jones, with Specia Guest Star Bridget McManus.The Throwaways was written by Jessica King and Julie Keck, story by Jessica King, Julie Keck and Christin Mell, and will be available from tello in August. 

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