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Emily Ratajkowski Seemingly Comes Out as Bi Over a Green Velvet Couch

Emily Ratajkowski
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This trend is making some unexpected waves in Hollywood.


Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski appears to have come out as bisexual using the latest TikTok trend that’s calling everyone out.

Last month, TikToker @nourishedwithtish inadvertently kicked something off on the social media platform after asking viewers, “if you identify as bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?”

The insinuation was that bisexual people tend to be drawn to this particular style of furniture, and it wasn’t long before others who identified as bi began responding with videos of their own green velvet couches.

Shay Mitchell made waves last week with a duet showing her own green couch, because apparently nobody can remember she’s casually come out on multiple occasions ever since playing lesbian Emily Fields in the og Pretty Little Liars.

And now Ratajkowski has followed, sharing both Mitchell’s video and her own with a smirk.


#stitch with @shaymitchell

Fans took the video at face value and welcomed Ratajkowski into the LGBTQ+ community.

“HUGE WIN,” wrote influencer Kennedy Walsh.

“So many celeb women are coming out and I just love,” @makeskin271 agreed.

Francesca Farago focused more on the hilarious accuracy of what brought us all here, writing, “So we all just own the same couch.”

“I’m not even gay but I feel like this a win for us,” joked @ionlywannacauseproblems.

Ratajkowski has been rumored to be dating Brad Pitt in the wake of her split from rumored cheater Sebastian Bear-McClard, although Pitt seems to have his hands full with all the PR spin from his team as allegations of domestic violence continue to circulate. Neither Pitt nor Ratajkowski have confirmed the relationship rumors.

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