Iconic Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Has Died

Rachel Kiley

Famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has died.

The German designer, who was best known for his work with Chanel, but also served as creative director for Fendi as well as his own label, passed away at the age of 85 in Paris, according to Variety.

Serge Brunschwig, the chairman and CEO of Fendi, praised Lagerfield’s “immense culture, his ability to rejuvenate at all times, to taste the arts, to not overlook any style,” in a statement to USA Today.

“He leaves us an enormous heritage, an inexhaustible source of inspiration to continue. Karl will be immensely missed by myself and all the FENDI people.”

Lagerfeld had previously drawn concern by not coming out for a bow after a Chanel show featuring his work last month, an extreme rarity for the man who had been designing for the company since 1983.

Despite his age, Lagerfeld had remained an important and vocal presence in fashion even throughout recent years, and continued to work up until his death.

The number of celebrities Lagerfeld has dressed is too astronomical to count, and the outpouring of grief coming from the entertainment and fashion worlds is already overwhelming, proving just how many lives he touched.

The majority of condolences, perhaps, are being directed at Lagerfeld’s Instagram-famous cat, Choupette, who he clearly loved dearly. Lagerfeld even previously stated he wished he could marry his fluffy companion.

Lagerfeld remained fairly quiet about his personal life over the years, even attempting to hide his age and birth year for a long time. But it is known that he was previously in a long term relationship with Jacques de Bascher, who died of complications related to AIDS in 1989.

The cause of death for Lagerfeld himself is not yet known.

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