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Wimbledon Scores One for Sexism

Wimbledon Scores One for Sexism

Wimbledon's populating its Centre court with the hottest eye candy of the female players (purely subjective of course). 28th-ranked Sorana Cirstea plays Centre Court while superstar Serena Williams is relegated to a court she couldn't find. Tennis's big event reeks of nasty sexism! We'll show you where to shove your balls.

My first response was “Bullshit, this has to be a joke.”
I thought I’d landed on one of my co-ed sports blogs (I only check them for the articles…) instead of a legit news site.

But there it was—a quote from Wimbledon organizers to the Daily Mail that they try to schedule very attractive women players on Centre Court, no matter what their ranking.

I’m not stupid…we all know that sex and sexy bodies sell seats, but to have that be the reason for one of the most revered tennis tournament court assignments? Bullshit. I didn’t believe it.

So I did a little research and it was all too true:
28th ranked Sorana Cirstea got to play on Centre Court, while Serena Williams was tossed over to Court No. 2. (Rumor has it she was ten minutes late because she was protesting her court assignment) I’ll see your sexism and raise you with possible racism… 

The fact that many seats remained empty for the Cirstea Centre Court centerfold match makes me think that the Wimbledon crowd actually went there to watch tennis instead of soft porn. Good for them.
Disturbing though, isn’t it?

I’m not sure which freaks me out more? The idea that they thought they would sell out the name of Wimbledon to sell seats, or the fact that they admitted to it. What I know for sure is that I’m convinced that Wimbledon is played in London because the sexist and possibly racist (and probably all male) organizers are living back in the Middle Ages.

Who wants to join me in bringing the Wimbledon organizers into the present day by telling them where to shove a couple of fuzzy yellow balls?


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