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Jennifer Coolidge Reacts to SNL's Hilarious Holiday Impression

Jennifer Coolidge Reacts to SNL's Hilarious Holiday Impression

Jennifer Coolidge SNL

The campaign to get Coolidge as an SNL host begins now.


This past weekend, Elvis star Austin Butler and "About Damn Time" singer Lizzo took the 30 Rock stage for a hilarious night of sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live. In the episode, the one and only Jennifer Coolidge got her own tribute of sorts.

The star has reentered the zeitgeist mainly due to her scene-stealing role on HBO Max's White LotusWhite Lotus. Cast member Chloe Fineman delivered a hilarious impersonation of the star being really impressed by Christmas stuff, and it's just ridiculous as you'd expect – and surprisingly accurate.

Jennifer Coolidge Is Impressed by Christmas Stuff -

After watching, Coolidge responded to the sketch on Twitter. "Wow! A massive thanks to @NBCSNL!!" she wrote, "and to the exceptionally brilliant impressionist Chloe Fineman with your hilarious imitation!!"

In another Tweet, she revealed that she has previously auditioned to be on the show and didn't secure the gig. "Also, congrats to the new cast members!! I know how hard it is to get on that show, I tried my ass off to be one but you actually made it!! What a feat! Happy holidays to you all!!"

Fans are obsessed and shocked she didn't make it onto the show in previous auditions. Now, they're calling for Coolidge to host an upcoming episode.

"And THAT is why we love you. You are willing to enjoy a great impression and embrace it," one fan tweeted in response. Other fans tagged SNL specifically. "When do YOU get to host?" asked one. "If @nbcsnl doesn't have Jennifer host the show in the next couple of months, it's an absolute travesty," said another. Thousands of fans agree across social media platforms. "Y'all should just have Jennifer Coolidge host! She is iconic and she is the moment," user The Gay Agenda wrote on YouTube.

We can't help but agree!

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