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We Need More Gay Anime Like 'Love Stage!!' In Our Lives!

We Need More Gay Anime Like Love Stage!! In Our Lives!

We Need More Gay Anime Like 'Love Stage!!' In Our Lives!

A queer-themed anime that also has all the aspects of a great rom-com?? Sign us up! 


Although it hasn't always been perfect, anime has had queer representation in many different, varied titles for decades now, and Sentai Filmwork's English dub of Love Stage!! is part of that great tradition!

Telling the love story of shy, aspiring manga artist Izumi and his childhood friend-turned-crush Ryoma, Love Stage!! has all the makings of a great romantic comedy, and we are absolutely here for it!!

"With Sentai Filmworks’ adaptation of Love Stage, I hope to demonstrate to my fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community that our stories are not only being told in anime, but that they are also often treated with great honor and affection," the series' director David Wald told PRIDE in a statement. "I needed this story desperately in my own youth, but I didn’t have it. Now, I feel compelled to do all I can to see that today’s LGBTQ+ youth never feel as alone as I did all those years ago."

Watch the trailer for Love Stage in the video above! And if you like what you see, watch the entire Love Stage series on HIDIVE!

(Video Courtesy of Sentai Filmworks)

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