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Michael & Matt Get Candid On Starting a Family As A Queer Couple

Michael & Matt Get Candid On Starting a Family As A Queer Couple

Michael & Matt
Michael & Matt

The queer content creators are documenting their journey as they embark on their next chapter.


Look how far they've come!

Matthew Schueller and Michael Lindsay have amassed millions of views and tons of followers since their coming out videos were posted to YouTube a decade ago.

Schueller posted his video first back in 2013, which would eventually give Lindsay the courage to post his own coming out video just one year later. Through their vulnerability online, the now husbands eventually met and began living their lives together as a couple.

Fast forward to today, the duo now racks up millions of views from their daily vlogs documenting their adventures, which includes traveling all over the world and visiting some of the top destinations.

"I think it's pretty easy to forget where we came from and take for granted where we're at now. Before I came out, I would have never imagined myself in a loving relationship, a husband, or being able to have a family. That is so completely beyond what I ever thought I could ever have in my life," Schueller tells PRIDE.

Ever since the two moved in together and began posting content together as a couple, the hubbies have brought fans along for the ride as they explore queer culture at every corner of the globe.

"Traveling for me, even from a young age, really opened up my mind and helped me to realize that being gay was okay. The trips that I took leading up to me coming out really impacted me and helped influence me to come out," Schueller says.

However, with the hostile political climate facing LGBTQ+ people around the world, the couple has learned some key lessons to travel safely.

"There are a lot of amazing queer travel influencers and content creators that are traveling to a lot of different places around the world. You can just hashtag that, #LGBT, and see if anybody has posted from there," Lindsay says.

"Don't travel alone, especially if you're questioning about the safety of the place that you're going. Do not travel alone. Go with someone," Schueller adds.

Although the couple is living their best lives together, Michael and Matt are embarking on the toughest adventure yet as they try to start a family. The husbands are opening up on their personal journey into surrogacy on their new podcast Who's Your Daddy?

Michael and Matt are hoping the podcast can educate people on the struggles it takes to overcome becoming parents through non-traditional means such as surrogacy, IVF, adoption, and foster-to-adopt.

"The journey right now is a big waiting game. We're in this long span of waiting until we can find someone who will be our surrogate. Talking about it on the podcast is therapeutic," Lindsay says.

"We have embryos! We're ready, we just have to find someone. We're actively looking. We're not just sitting around waiting, we're looking and doing things. It is such an important topic to discuss and figure out, especially for our community. There needs to be more conversation and more education around surrogacy, adoption, foster-to-adopt, and the methods that we can go about starting our families," Schueller concludes.

Fans can keep up with Michael & Matt on their YouTube channel and listen to Who's Your Daddy? everywhere podcasts are heard. To see the full interview with the hubbies, check out the video below.

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