The Video for Baby Yors' Newest Bop Is Inspired by a Classic '50s Queer Film

Baby Yors
Zachary Zane

Queer, Latinx artist Baby Yors just released the visuals for his latest track "Bad Influence," and the video is an homage to the classic, queer-themed 1950 short film Un Chant d’Amour, taking place between two male lovers, separated by a jail cell wall. 

PRIDE caught up with Baby Yors to ask him a few questions about "Bad Influence," as well as what we can expect to see from him next.  

PRIDE: What inspired the song and music video for "Bad Influence?"

Baby Yors: This came out first as a visual in my head. I spent a few hours in a jail cell after being robbed and having an altercation with my thief. The authorities took me in to testify. Maybe they thought I started it. But in that moment I had so many things go through my mind. I was on a visa, so that was very scary. I didn’t want to have a problem with that, and at the same time I was an actor and a writer. Any experience like this is gold. There were two people in there with me. They were a few cells away from me but we could still hear each other and we started a conversation. There was a redheaded older woman who had grabbed another woman’s hair on the bus and a mysterious homeless man that I didn’t know much about. Long story short, I ended up singing "At Last" by Etta James to them. They were so into it and wanted me to sing more, but of course a police officer came in and took the fun out of it, telling me to stop or I would spend the night there.

Baby Yors

After this, I saw the film Un Chant d’Amour by Jean Genet and felt very inspired. Loving someone through a wall...loving someone when you’re not "supposed to." It felt very close to home and it also felt like a good metaphor for how we interact with other people. We don't see much of their faces anymore.

About a year after, I was on the piano writing music and the chords for "Bad Influence" came [to me]. As I started singing it, the jail images came to mind, and that’s when they both married into one piece.

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

I want to provide an escapism, but also an environment where people can feel safe and as outrageous or conservative as they want. This is very simple to me. I am someone who wants to have fun and connect with people that think in a similar way than me. I am living my life and letting it inspire me. Music is also great because it’s like shaping a tribe, and once that tribe is big enough, things can get done at a bigger scale. Hopefully changes that will take us to a better place.

I think nowadays we need visceral things like gatherings, concerts and a certain kind of music to exchange with each other. I want to make songs that people can see themselves singing but also knowing that there’s always a story behind each one of my songs and that everything that I make comes from a place that’s deep inside.

Baby Yors

What can we look forward to next from you, Baby?

I am releasing a song called "Gogo Girl" very soon. I think and I’m shooting a music video for it too. It has more of a punk vibe to it. I love it. It makes me want to dance. And then a bunch of live shows, an EP, and a bunch of art I’ve been working on.

Watch the video for "Bad Influence" below!

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