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This Man on Man Cowboy ‘Stripper’ Kiss Just Wowed Eurovision

This Man on Man Cowboy ‘Stripper’ Kiss Just Wowed Eurovision

Brokeback Mountain, but make it fashion.


Eurovision is underway and, as always, it’s filled with wild performances to remember. But one in particular is sticking out for its ultra-queerness.

Achille Lauro, whose real name is Laura De Marinis, took to the stage during the semi-finals with a fiery rendition of his song “Stripper.” Dressed as a cowboy, he represented the hell out of San Marino in his 11th year at Eurovision, possibly even outdoing all of his past outrageous and well-loved performances.

But the real memorable moment for many fans of the singer came when he grabbed his guitarist, Boss Doms, and brought him in for a kiss.

It isn’t the first time the two have smooched on stage, and fans were thrilled to see Boss Doms joining the singer during his performance — and, of course, to see where things went.

As many pointed out, Eurovision has always been for the gays, in a sense — the aesthetics and theatrics are always rather queer — but the competition hasn’t always been willing to be so explicitly accepting.

Unfortunately, while Achille Lauro’s performance sent viewers into a frenzy, he ultimately didn’t move to the next round. But it was good while it lasted, and it seems pretty likely we’ll be seeing him compete for a 12th year soon — hopefully with Boss Doms in tow once again.

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