WATCH: Texas Newspaper Refuses to Publish Lesbian Wedding Announcement

WATCH: Texas Newspaper Refuses to Publish Lesbian Wedding Announcement
Sunnivie Brydum

A lesbian couple in Texarkana, Texas say their local newspaper discriminated against them when it refused to print the couple's wedding announcement and accompanying engagement photo. 

Michelle Cooks and her partner Patricia Wrightner have been together for more than a year, and are planning a trip to Mexico later this month to marry. But when the couple, who often finish each other's sentences, tried to publish the happy news in their hometown paper, the Texarkana Gazette refused to print the above photo and wedding announcement. 

"They refused us because we are a gay couple," Cooks told KSLA News 12

"And if the Pentagon has recognized, you know, giving same sex couples benefits," continued  Wrightner. "At least, I think we could..." 

"...put our picture in the paper," finished Cook. 

A spokesperson for the Gazette told KSLA the denial is a matter of policy, as none of the regions the paper serves embrace marriage equality, nor recognize same-sex marriages from other states. "If those laws change, this newspaper will re-examine its policy," editor Les Minor told KSLA on Wednesday. 

Watch KSLA's report below. 


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