This Lesbian Couple's Photo Was Hijacked by Straight People and Their Clapback Is Perfect

Taylor Henderson

Meet Alexa and Noemi. The two women have been dating for over a year and currently live in Austin, Texas.

Earlier this year, the couple ordered personalized debit cards with cute photos of themselves on them, "so we always think about each other's needs when it comes to spending our money," Alexa told BuzzFeed News. She shared a photo of the cards and it went viral on Twitter.

The photo was then hijacked earlier this week by a popular Twitter account (@Relationship) that posts photos of people in relationships. They stole the photo, posted it, and assumed it was a straight couple. 

"BF ???"

Alexa wasn't happy her photo had been not only taken with her consent, but straightwashed, pointing out that the account was "so heteronormative and couldn't take into consideration it was two girls." Her reply on Twitter was perfect. 

And many other users were quick to hilariously point out @Relationship's mistake. 



Regardless, Alexa and Noemi are happy and living their best lives. 

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